What is Catbread?
In short, it’s a community-driven project that facilitates an NFT ecosystem through Arcade gameplay, raffles, and any other fun activity that the community deems worthy - and more importantly - fun and engaging.

Not just that however; the project is continually evolving and our beautiful Catbread Marketplace is the first NFT viewing- and trading space on the Binance Smart Chain. We are always looking for ways to make your Cat bread more exciting to own!

The token itself is deflationary, which means with every transaction made, a small amount is burned forever, which will gradually reduce supply over time. This will increase the price and make your Cat bread holdings worth more as the supply shrinks. Additionally, you are also rewarded for owning Cat bread as part of that transaction burn gets distributed between all Cat bread owners, proportional to your holdings.

the primary goal up until this point was to do just enough to raise capital for the arcade’s development. The reason for this was to ensure that we had the greatest impact on the market long term by preserving tokens in the marketing wallets for major development and to fund a major marketing push.

Now that we have a mostly functional beta minus a few bugs in regards to iOS integration, the time has come to initiate the marketing push. We’re kicking if off by gaining a foothold in the Asian markets with a month long funded campaign involving WeChat and Weibo. The campaign has already been funded with our content being translated and our WeChat publishing account in the process of being verified.

We’ve also paid for publication across 28 platforms including some major platforms. The publishing of the articles should coincide with the true start of the Asian market push.

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