What is Chain Clash?
Chain Clash is an action-packed collectibles & fighting game for passionate crypto supporters. Collect, train, and battle with avatars that you own. Develop the strongest avatars to crush the competition and win epic rewards, or just auction them off once you want to cash out. Think of Chain Clash as a crypto-themed Pokemon but with a Tekken twist. The game is designed to enable fans of various cryptocurrencies to prove their loyalty to these coins and show that their community is the strongest and simply the best. So prepare your avatars for the fight!Installing a game and not receiving Wombucks can be a frustrating experience. This is the result of your in-game tracking not working properly. In order to avoid this, please see our recommendations below.Use only Womplay’s download links to install games.
Please shut down the game once in a while completely and launch it again. Wombucks should arrive within 30 minutes.
We recommend deactivating VPNs and anti-tracking and ad blocking browsing extensions and software while playing Womplay games.
We advise iOS users to accept any tracking request triggered by our partner games. Otherwise, your in-game progress/data/achievements/etc. will not be tracked and you will not receive crypto and NFT rewards for playing Womplay’s games.
If you deleted a game or if you have played the game before, there is a great chance your in-game progress is not going to be tracked and you will not get Wombucks. If that’s the case, we advise you to choose a different Womplay game.
Womplay was not created with emulators in mind and as such, we cannot guarantee a smooth experience on Womplay if you use them.
We hope these recommendations help you understand why Wombucks might not have arrived. If you’re certain you followed them closely and still haven’t received your Wombucks, please write us at with the following information:Womplay EOS account name
Email that you used to sign up
In-game Screenshot of your progress

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