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What is Chain Games?
Chain Games objective is to have all kinds of competitive skill games. Do you like card games?

Prefer shooters, soccer, racing etc? We'll have it all. We use Matic to prevent you from ever

having to pay fees when playing games, using our CHAIN token. We got you covered! To be able

to include non crypto users, we will also have an on ramp fiat support platform, you can buy

our token on site, using the usual Fiat payment forms, (Paypal, bank transfer etc.)  All our

games will have the option to play for free, so you can practice all you want until you're

ready for the big leagues. We currently have 2 exclusive games, Super Crypto Kart, and Chaino

(our version of the classic Uno card game) and Call of Duty Warzone, Madden and Fifa 21! We plan to have at least 50 titles by the end of the year, most of them, AAA games! We also have staking feature, so

if you "freeze" your tokens, you get a percentage of all games played on our platform, almost

as if you owned some shares of the company. You can play our games on all platforms, consoles,

PC, Mac, Linux, everywhere and anywhere! What was once just a dream, we are turning into

reality, join us, the future is now!

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