Chain Pets - Create pets and interact with them to keep them alive.Buy or sell pets and earn Chain Pet Tokens for playing the game. Matic Chain Pets is a dapp that lives on the polygon blockchain.

The purpose of the game is to allow players to create and interact with virtual pets.

You can create you own pets and interact with pets that other players have created.

To create and interact with pets you must use MATIC tokens on the polygon blockchain. There may be occassionaly promotions and discounts. Be sure to check the Game Info page for current price and rewards structures.

The game has utilizes the polygon network due to it low gas fees. Pet interactions like feeding your pet cost a fraction of a cent. These fees ensure the security of the network.

What can you do...

Create Pets
Buy Pets
Sell Pets
View Pet Info
Earn Tokens
Care for Pets:Feed
Failure to care for your pet can result in your pet passing away.

If you pet does pass away you will no longer be able to interact with it....OH NO!

You can also buy and sell pets with other players.

Players are rewarded CPT (Chain Pet Tokens) while playing the game.

Visit the Game Info page to see how many tokens you can earn for different activities.

To play the game you will need MATIC tokens on the polygon blockchain.

If you don't have MATIC tokens yet, to get started you will need to get some MATIC tokens on the Ethereum blockchain.

You will also need a web3 provider like MetaMask.

MATIC tokens can be purcahsed at various exchanges including coinbase.

Once you have MATIC tonkens on the Ethereum blockchain you will need to transfer them over to the polygon blockchain using the matic bridge. This can be done by connecting your Ethereum wallet to polygon wallet and then using the polygon bridge.

After you have MATIC tokens on the polygon blockchain you will need to configure polygon on Metamask.

Finally connect this dapp with a web3 provider like Metamaks using the polygon blockchain.

This video can help understand how to use poloygon bridge to move tokens between blockchains

Contract Adrress


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