Chain/Saw is a space for artists and collectors to both create and experiment with a new digital art paradigm,

and ultimately shape it.

As an NFT marketplace, Chain/Saw presents a curated selection of visionary projects that call into

question what blockchain art can be. Chain/Saw was founded by Frank Musarra, an artist, musician, and

creative technologist deeply embedded at the intersection of art and technology. The project arose

through conversations with peers who shared a common curiosity with this emergent space, though with

this curiosity comes trepidation — what does the future of NFT art look like? What are the implications of

this movement for “legacy” art worlds? Chain/Saw was founded to further the challenging conversation

surrounding the future of digital art, engaging a community of artists, inspired collectors, and curious

audiences alike.The NFT space lacks quality control. On the one hand, it’s great that artists who otherwise wouldn’t have a platform are finding ways to share their work, on the other hand, this results in a whole lot of garbage. There are the OpenSeas and Raribles of the space, which anyone can participate in, and then there are the hyper-curated, limited edition sites that are maybe a bit too esoteric. What’s missing is a middle space that’s curated, provides a unique perspective, and privileges the artist’s experience. We are starting with simple auctions for now, but have lots of wild, innovative ideas of where we want to go, led entirely by our artists and not necessarily by the market.


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