What is Chainbreakers?
Chainbreakers, a Decentraland launch title, is a strategic rpg set in a fictional and stylized rendition of Ancient Greece. The story revolves around a corrupt, evil government and the various factions of rebels - the players - who must join forces and cooperate in order to successfully topple the ruling class.

The Future Of Chain breakers
Chainbreakers will be released for Decentraland but we won’t stop at that point. Today we unveil first insights of the next Chain breakers game and explain what players can expect from the franchise in the future.

The Next Level of Blockchain Gaming
Recapping our World of Warcraft days, we see item trading, the auction house, “Looking for group” and of course all the adventures, raids and first kills that we’ve experienced. We want to bring this to the blockchain.

The responsive web client will work on smartphone, tablet and desktop. The game aims to bring classic MMORPG feeling to web3 powered browsers. This video contains early footage recorded from one of the development branches.

Utilizing existing Chainbreakers NFTs
Players who own items and units will be able to use those assets in the next Chainbreakers game. The players avatar is able to wear all the precious items which are still available in the current crowdsale.

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