What is ChainCade?
The future of the arcade is here! ChainCade is developing its one-of-a-kind blockchain arcade ecosystem to benefit players, creators, and investors together. Join the arcade revolution.To develop a one-of-a-kind blockchain gaming ecosystem to benefit players and creators. Open, sustainable, and most importantly, fun and rewarding for everyone.
Using an innovative combination of Blockchain, SDKs, VR, mobile apps, and NFTs, our full scale ecosystem provides a robust and sustainable platform for players and creators alike.
We are using the power of these tools to put the creation and direction of the Metaverse into the hands of those playing and creating it.
In honor of the arcades from which Gaming was born, We call it “The Retroverse”.

All games on the platform are free to play, but only those who hold ChainCade Token or ChainCade NFTs will have a distinct advantage in winning tickets and prizes.

Play Games, Earn Tickets

Hold more ChainCade to play & win more

Trade in tickets for a Lucky Box

Unlock NFTs, crypto, or other prizes

Complete "Sets" to trade in for bigger prizes

Browse the marketplaces to complete your collections and trade with other.Arcade prize themed NFTs, just like we used to win! Some rare versions may give you a boost in certain games if you're holding it, and they'll all have a purpose in Phase 3 in your personal arcade!
Certain NFTs may even be part of a "set" you can trade in for an even bigger prize!

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