What is Champions: Ascension?
This is Champions: Ascen sion, a true AAA blockchain game developed by Jam City exclusively for Web3. Step into Massina: A player-driven fantasy world where the rewards are as real as the risks. Collect and  create unique NFT Champions, battle other players for vast riches, and  stake your path in a developing token economy.

The Prime Eternals are 10,000 individually crafted, high-fidelity NFT  Champions immune from death and imbued with divine power. Our 100% unique Prime Eternals are available to founding members for a limited time through our presale and will never be minted again. Claim yours while you can and hold an exclusive piece of this growing fantasy world.Champions: Ascension is a blockchain game built by Jam City, an award-winning game company led by former MySpace co-founder & CEO Chris DeWolfe.

Welcome to #10 in our lore series! This week marks the end of Season One of the lore, which I am provisionally calling “Shadow of the Titans.” We’ve compiled all the stories into a single PDF, which we really hope to distribute soon. Also, from the AMA, there has been interest expressed in an audiobook/podcast or YouTube readings of the stories.

As we plan and get Season Two underway, there is also a LOT going on in the other parts of the Champions world. We’re looking at ways to expand the lore and role-playing into the Discord space even more.

Speaking of! The very special thing about this week’s entry is that it is intended to preview a game mode we want to introduce to you in the near future. And not only that — the story shows us an entirely new side (and tone) of Massina life, one which has only previously been barely mentioned. You will be amazed at the variety of experiences we are planning for Massina: a true living and breathing city of diverse beings… and all that this implies.

The Inquisitor was written by Troy Whitlock, a veteran game designer and VP of Design for Jam City who has been a key part of the Champions: Ascension creative team since inception. I think you will dig this!


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