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What is Cheeze Wizards?
Cheeze Wizards is the world's first blockchain battle royale with cheese. In the world of Cheeze Wizards, magic is power, power is ether, and being the Big Cheeze is everything.

The Cheeze Wizard tournament consists of a series of duels that culminate in the most powerful Wizard being crowned The Big Cheeze.

Originally created to settle online disagreements between the four lands, the inaugural Cheeze Wizards tournament melted a nation, boiled the oceans, and cost countless lives. Overall, it was considered an improvement over arguing on social media.

Today, the tournament carries the proud tradition of using magical forces beyond mortal understanding to settle petty disagreements.
Impolitely described as “basic,” NEUTRAL WIZARDS can use all the elements. They have no strengths, no weaknesses, and no strong feelings one way or another.


Recognized as a nation of blow-hards, WIND WIZARDS can use all the elements, but their wind spells are extra strong against water and extra weak to fire. They are known to be full of hot air.


Mocked for being wishy-washy, WATER WIZARDS can use all the elements, but their water spells are extra strong against fire and extra weak to wind. They are inexplicably moist all of the time.


Known for being hot-headed, FIRE WIZARDS can use all the elements, but their fire spells are extra strong against wind and extra weak to water. They are poor role models due to their smoking habit.


Challenge or be challenged to duel!. In a duel, both Wizards forecast five spells from the three elements..Successfully cast more spells than your opponent to win the duel..Win duels to increase your Wizard’s power.The Wizard with the most power at the end of the tournament becomes the Big Cheeze!

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