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What is Chibi Fighters 2.0?
Chibi Fighters 2.0 takes the beloved game to the next level. Your fighters are living cards that can be upgraded and even equipped with powerful skills and gear. Your fights are bringing these fighters to life and they hack and slash each other to bits. Show them what you got! Create a team to reign them all.Chibi Fighters 2.0 takes the beloved game ..

Chibi Fighters is a collectible blockchain virtual game with adventures, roleplay and action rpg elements. Chibi Fighters is based on the Ethereum network. Players can collect and play with so called Chibi Fighters. Unique and fierce little warriors.

Players can collect them, breed them, test their skills in battles, gear up and level their warriors. An in-game market lets players trade loot and consumable items, while Chibi Fighters themselves can be traded on any well known token exchange.

Each Chibi Fighters, which is 100% ERC721 conform, can be bought, sold or given as a gift.

Game mechanics and content is balanced to please casual gamer. You can easily just spend 30 minutes and enjoy all components of the game.
At the same time pro gamer can invest a lot of time and still find rewarding elements. Chibi Fighters is simple on the surface, with an incredible amount of rewarding depth.


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