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What is Chibi Fighters?
Ring of Death matches or Brawls for Ether. Collect Chibi Fighters, trade, sell or fuse them.Ring of Death matches or Brawls for Ether. Collect.First player cards are appearing, I'll be getting that Conqueror if it's still available when I am doing the video, great deal! The Ban is great too. I added some metal+ to see if the market works. And it does, proud Chibi.Here some sick stats: Accounts created 1,676 Total cards 211,090 CHIBs (ingame currency for premium items) 1,325,602.00 Dust in accounts (which is used to upgrade cards) 23,536 Petals in accounts (which are used for the sick lottery) 33,175.Squid just can't stop handing out them kisses: Blows poison kisses at up to 3 targets Glen makes perfect use of paper: Hands out nasty paper cuts to up to 4 foes And Brenna stuns foes with her looks: Stuns up to 4 foes with her sexy looks.Added an evil eye icon, it will dim the map and show your tiles, if you have some. Oh man, that's looking grim for me.Lines are making great progress. It's already in the engine, now it's just getting the Chibis assigned. Find a demonstration how the outcome of targeted damage dealers vs.

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