What is Chimeras?
Chimeras is a play-to-earn metaverse with free-to-play mechanics, entertainment at the core, and low or zero gas fees for game actions. The players will be rewarded with some NFT items or CHIM tokens that can be used to breed the creatures, trading, building the virtual land plots in the game, as well as in battles.

Here are some more features that make Chimeras the game we are all looking forward to:

🌾Farming — There are various mini-games in the farming feature, and you will be able to generate unique NFT items in the game.

⚔️ Battles — The battles in Chimeras — which happen between teams made by two creatures — will be automated.

⚗️The making of Creatures — The Creatures — which come in the form of NFTs — are made by combining several in-game ingredients.

🏝 Land plots — You can buy, sell, develop, and customize the in-game land plots; and they are NFT items, as well.

Chimeras is a new play-to-earn metaverse with free-to-play mechanics and low or zero gas fees for game actions.

One of the first achievements is the launch of the Alpha version of the game on March 30th. The game can be downloaded from the project’s official website via the following LINK.

Everyone interested in being acquainted with the conditions for joining the game can read our dedicated article at the following LINK.

Apart from being busy with the Alpha, the developers have also introduced a number of minor bugs in the marketplace filters.

On the blockchain development front, the player asset monitoring services required for the release of the Alpha have passed into the testing stage and undergoing final checks and adjustments to ensure their flawless operability.


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