Play Clash Dome to earn gaming portal. Daily tournaments and duels on blockchain casual games.

Over Clash Dome the course of a week (starting on Monday) we’ll have a competition to determine the ranking of ClashDome’s most active and skillful players. The score will be calculated by checking how good ClashDome Citizens are at playing all our games.

By the start of a new competition the scores will be reset. But it will be easy to catch up and get back to a pretty decent score after a few spare matches. Competition-wise wether if you play on Free tier or on WAX tiers will make no difference.

We will have two kinds of rewards for our contestants. One of the boosters for ranking up will be immediate: applying a multiplier to the Credits you earn by winning matches on the Free tier. The other kind of reward will consist on limited edition vanity NFTs to decorate your apartment. The better you play, the groovier your apartment will look.
Win Rate: the percentage of victories you got during the current week.
Statistical Representativeness. The max value is 1. If you have played less than 20 matches to a particular game, then this value will be X/20 being X the number of matches played.
E.g. You have played and won 1 game of Candy Fiesta. You will have a 100% winning rate, but we’ll apply a correction factor of x0.05 (1/20). So instead of scoring 100 you’ll just get 5 points from that victory.
Game Weight. We don’t want to force you playing the games you don’t like, so we will assign more points to the games you play the most. The game with most plays will be multiplied X36, then X29, x21 and x14 for the game you play less. This factor will be adjusted as we keep adding more games to the portal.

🧮 Scoring System
Your Global Ranking score will reset weekly. On each new competition we’ll sum your scores for each game we have on the portal.

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