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Clash of Coins is the first blockchain-based MMORTS with support for more than 100,000 players.

For years now the world of cryptocurrency has been debating which coin is the best is and which is the future of cryptocurrency.

We'd like to offer our perspective on this debate.

That's why we've created the largest browser-based map in history, and we're going to use it to wage a decisive battle for worldwide crypto-domination.Clash of Coins

- Unite

Team up with like-minded players to fight beneath the banners of real coins

- Conquer

Take part in massive battles and conquer entire countries

- Get Crypto

Every 24 hours the best clans are rewarded with real cryptocurrency.Which coin is worthy of being called The Future of The Crypto?
Join thousands of players in a decisive battle for worldwide crypto-domination on the largest browser based map in history!

Sign up
Wait for the game to download. After that, you can create a new account or log in to an existing one.

For a new account, you’ll need to come up with a character nickname and enter it in the field.

Select your preferred cryptocurrency’s clan from the list of options. If you already know the name of your favorite project, you can use the search bar.

After that, you’ll need to select a game wallet that will be linked to your account and used to save progress and make all financial transactions in the game.

You can pick from three wallets in Clash of Coins:

Magic is the option for beginners. A wallet will be automatically generated for you, but you will only be able to use it within the game’s interface.
Trust Wallet offers the ability to link an existing wallet by scanning a QR code. To do that, you need to have a wallet created with Trust and have its mobile app installed.
Metamask is a simple and convenient wallet that works through a browser extension. Like with Trust, make sure you have the wallet extension installed in your browser before signing up.
After you sign up, the wallet will be linked to your game account and cannot be changed. The only exception is Magic, which will have the one-time opportunity to transfer your profile to Trust Wallet.

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