What is CoffeeBeans?
What is the price of Coffee Beans?

Coffee Beans do not have a set price. Higher TVL more Beans per BNB, Lower TVL less Coffee Beans. This creates level playing field so no user can be late. There is NO calculator available to work this out.

What will my daily percentage be?

Daily percentage is up to 12% This depends on drinking habits, the time of day you rebrew or deposit and TVL fluctuation. Average daily return is 6-10%.

Why are my rewards not growing?

Drinking habits effect rewards, you drink to much your daily percentage drops. If you only started with a small deposit it will take time to display on the dApp. Only goes to 3 decimal places. TVL daily increase can cause lower daily percentage.

What happens if i always drink?

If you always drink your daily percentage will drop dramatically and will not receive the highest daily returns. This is the anti-whale mechanism that preventing a whale draining the TVL.

Is rebrewing more often better, 2 or 3 times a day?

Rebrewing is the same as compounding. so essentially yes. You will need to pay standard BSC gas fees for every rebre

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