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Welcome to Coinracer, crypto's first, and only, OpenGL racing game; where your skill dictates your rewards, not probability or pre-calculated formulas. Hop in your personal NFT racecar, grab your steering wheel (keyboard and mouse), and get ready to hit the track to earn crypto rewards in this amazing 3D racing game!

How it works: upon entering the race, participants contribute a set amount of tokens to be locked inside of a smart contract. These contributions are then redistributed among the winners of the race as a prize pool. Creating a competitive eSport-influenced environment for novice and professional racers alike.

Focusing on a personalized experience, regular NFT drops will be announced - allowing players to purchase a variety of racecars, accessories, and cosmetic designs. These collectibles truly immerse each and every racer in the game - making your collection uniquely your's, and another potential means of earning within the Coinracer ecosystemCoinracer is a low-poly-style blockchain-powered multiplayer racing game. CSP or CoinracerSmartPool system controls the prize pool redistribution between winners of the race. Coinracer runs on WebGL with the back-end connected to web3.js API to send transactions to smart contracts and back.

Coinracer is developed in Unity using WebGL. Players will have multiple options to play the game, single- and multiplayer. Multiplayer game includes different racing options. 2, 3, and 4 player game mode. Players are contributing a certain amount of tokens to the prize pool before the race and the prize pool is split by CSP between the winners of the race.

Coinracer has a crypto integrated backend that runs on Binance Smart Chain. Smart contracts are responsible for prize pool redistribution and web3.js takes care of the wallet connection.

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