Colony Wars Crypto - Play to EARN Crypto Game. Asteroid and junk minings, Space Wars, Planet Wars, Land & NFT Marketplace. it was a long time ago… Humanity had finally messed up and brought the end of the world… Then, they have discovered new galaxies. However, what they found... was not only galaxies.
Chapter I (Arrival) - Colony Wars Crypto
The world had become uninhabitable. People formed a union many years ago. They would settle in a galaxy they had discovered. But they succumbed to their curiosity. They noticed something different in a distant galaxy.
Chapter II (First Contact - Aliens)
When they met for the first time, they were greeted very peacefully. But they were unaware of the war that awaited them. They exchanged technology. And this would cause great destruction for both sides.
Chapter III (Spark)
After this discovery, humanity became more curious. And he began to search the whole universe. It didn't take long for them to come across another civilization. Because this time they got in touch. And this was not a peaceful contact.
Chapter IV (Results)
Millions would be lost in this war. With the repeated use of the debris, the entire universe would enter an endless loop. enjoy and play the game

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