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What is Contract Servant?
What is CONTRACT SERVANT CONTRACT SERVANT - CARD GAME - is a trading card game that runs on Ethereum, a platform made up of distributed applications and smart contracts. Players are free to trade cards (Servants) online, and the blockchain monitors irregularities. Game elements like battles outside of the Marketplace and upgrades are conducted off-chain for a user-friendly game environment.

These Terms of Use (henceforth "These Terms") describe conditions for use of services provided on the "CONTRACT SERVANT - CARD GAME -" operated by The Company. These terms apply to the relationship between The User of This Game and The Company. The User must read and consent to These Terms upon using This Game.

Article 1 - Definitions
The Company refers to AXEL MARK INC. and its subsidiaries, affiliates, and providers.
This Game refers to the "CONTRACT SERVANT - CARD GAME -" blockchain game portal site operated by The Company.
The User refers to the individual using This Game after agreeing to These Terms.
“In-game currency” refers to the currency “Beryl” that can be used in this game.
Article 2 - Application of These Terms
The User consents to These Terms upon commencing use of This Game. Upon The User's consent to These Terms, a User Agreement based on These Terms is formed between The User and The Company.
In the event that separate terms of use (henceforth "Individual Terms") pertain to This Game, use of This Game by The User is premised upon These Terms and Individual Terms. Furthermore, Individual Terms shall take precedence in cases of discrepancies between the content of These Terms and Individual Terms.
This Game May be provided via web browser, smartphone app, or in other forms. Consent by The User to These Terms via any individual form of provision of This Game shall also apply to use of This Game via other forms of provision.
In the event that The Company deems it necessary to alter These Terms, it may do so at any time without advance notice or consent from The User. However, in cases where alteration of These Terms would have significant impact on The User, The Company may provide advance notice via This Game.
Except in cases where The Company describes otherwise in separate documents, alterations to These Terms shall take effect as of the time that notice of alteration details is posted by The Company on This Game.
In the event that The User utilizes This Game after alterations to These Terms, The User shall be seen as consenting to the altered version of These Terms.

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