The new Play-to-Earn "Daily Star Chest" Event is NOW live in Crazy Defense Heroes mobile game.

Crazy Defense Heroes mobile game is the basis of an upcoming tower defense blockchain game which utilises non-fungible tokens and the TOWER ERC-20. The game will be a tower defense game bringing to blockchain the key elements from the mobile games Crazy Defense Heroes and Crazy Kings. TOWER will be used as the key currency in the game, to purchase items such as game card NFTs, or to pay for game or tournament entry fees.The Crazy Kings and Crazy Defense Heroes mobile games
Mobile games with over 2 million downloads and thousands of loyal players.
Tower defense games based on collectible cards of various rarities and power.
Players are now able to earn TOWER Tokens by playing games.The TOWER Token
ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain.
A medium of exchange, utility, and governance for the Crazy Kings franchise.
Earned by playing the games in the franchise.
Purchase items such as game card NFTs, pay for game or tournament entry fees, and participate in the governance of the games.An upcoming blockchain PC game
A new game under development will be the newest entry in the game franchise.
The new game will allow users to use their Crazy Kings franchise NFTs, earn TOWER Tokens by playing, and participate in various activities such as tournaments.

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