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Crop 'N Cattle Farming (CNCF) is the first real life farming simulator game on blockchain where players could grow their own farm, harvest and sell back to the system in accordance with the live feed of the latest world price.

It is bringing real life farming experience to digital and becomes the first decentralized farming business in real time. The game itself is enjoyable and fun while the players will benefit from the growth of their farms

CNCF is a hybrid platform that brings Agriculture Business to decentralized (DeFi) and centralized financial services (CeFi) into a mobile interface Acting as the gateway to DeFi, Crop ‘N Cattle game, is a crypto finance app, currently will be available in IOS and Android, was built to help onboard new users to DeFi with its customer centric design. Below are the key elements of CNCF ecosystem include ● CNCF Game ● CNCF.DeFi ● Aggregator Service.

Yield Farming
Don’t risk your funds by staking them in the wrong farm, or sending them to the wrong wallet address. Let us manage those risks, and farm for you with our algorithmic farming system.
NFT Gallery
NFTs can be tokenized versions of digital or real-world assets. In the DeFi sector, these unique tokens create digital collectibles and items that can be collected and traded on a decentralized marketplace without any intermediary. With CNCF's NFT gallery, you can store and view your rare digital arts and collectibles and sell them at favorable prices at Open Sea or Rarible. Portfolio Manager CNCF Finance’s Portfolio Manager is a software tool allowing you to create, monitor and rebalance your own portfolio, always under your direct controls.

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