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CrossWorlds Studios is a mobile game studio built .

CrossWorlds Studios is focused on the intersection of gaming and blockchain. We feel that blockchain technology presents new development tools that will revolutionize the game development process.

We are finalizing the beta release of our Unity 3D and web SDKs for developers. Our first game utilizing this technology, Dawn Tower Defense, is now available for public beta on iOS and Android!

Join us on Discord to join us for our beta events and follow along with our development!

The CrossWorlds SDK enables developers to build blockchain-enabled games on the Lynx and EOS blockchain networks.

The CrossWorlds ecosystem offers several great features for players and developers. We have created brand new ways to monetize and develop your games; developers are able to stay focused on creating new content while your players are free to maintain and modify your game (if you choose) through our revolutionary player modding system.

This brand new approach to game creation aligns players and developers by enabling each group to do what they do best. Developers are able to focus their time on new feature development while players can help tune, moderate, and maintain their favorite games.

A strong content pipeline and happy community are keystones for any successful game. The CrossWorlds ecosystem enables players to help or even completely drive game balance and updates while you, the developer, are free to create new content for players to enjoy.

We’ll have our complete documentation and sample code available soon! Join us on Discord to stay up to date with our progress.


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