Crypt-Oink Racing Friends is Japan’s first blockchain game on the Ethereum network featuring crypto collectibles called Cryptons that can be bred, collected and traded. Over 3 trillion of these pig-like creatures exist with various colours and patterns. Cryptons can also trained to augment parameters affecting their strength in “Gran Ton Rismo”, Crypt-Oink’s 3D racing game.

Crypt-Oink Team back with another exciting announcement and in-depth look at what’s going on in the land of Crypton.. League Races!

In Crypt-Oink Racing Friends Leagues, users compete against each other’s Crypton in Ranked Races to earn League Points. As users gain League Points they ascend not only from their given league, but climb the world rankings!

The Flow of League Races
Crypt-Oink Leagues are a system of eight leagues with seasons consisting of 5 weeks. At the conclusion, users participate in a tournament to determine the grand prize winner.

Week 1 ~ 4: Ranked Races
During this time, users compete for top positions in their respective league as they try to climb the ladder to the Legend League. Users will gain rewards each time they advance!

Week 5: Crypt-Oink Derby
The final week of the season consists of a tournament called the Crypt-Oink Derby held within each of the 8 leagues. Stemming from qualifiers the six top contenders will progress to the their respective finals where unique prizes await.


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