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In the beginning, users just need to spend about 60 US dollars to buy blind boxes in Crypto Card. They can get CC through NFT-collecting mining and farming. Their NFTs can be traded in the market at an attractive price、Burn NFT, after obtaining cc, trade in swap.

After the launch of Crypto Card, a user’s heroes can be equipped with NFTs, which can bring buff to the attributes of the heroes. The quality of NFTs can be upgraded with more stars by staking more CC in them. With NFTs of higher quality, users can get more powerful heroes, item NFT shards, EXP, and rewards in US dollars. The shards can be forged into game item NFTs which can boost the ATK of a hero. More powerful heroes mean players can win a battle easier bringing them more rewards. Besides, game item NFTs can be traded in the market for US dollars.

Designed by the Crypto Card team. OKExChain and Heco will be launched, It is an NFT game. Through the combination of DeFi and GameFi, you can use NFT to enhance

Traditional. Simple. Fun. Limited Edition, Collectible, Crypto Trading Cards. *On the blockchain* Old trading cards are hard to sell, and finding people to trade with is very limited. Crypto trading cards are digital with a decentralized marketplace enabling you to Buy, Trade & Sell with absolutely anyone! You set the price of your cards.

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