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Crypto Champions is a unique deck building rogue-like strategy game. Start with 15 cards and build your deck as you fight through the arena in PvE or PvP formats. Crypto Champions runs on Ethereum and each rare card and champion item is offered as a ERC-721 token. Currently the genesis deck is available which offers limited edition cards, and soon free starter decks and equipment will become available. Eventually we will offer tournaments along with a seasonal prize pool.Challenge of Champions is a hybrid of a CCG & RPG

CryptoChampions is a competitive deck building roguelike strategy game that integrates cryptocurrency by design. Compete in a unique battle royale format and to become a champion while earning your share of the prize pool. We offer high quality broadcasted e-sport tournaments along with a seasonal prize pool. Crypto Champions runs on Ethereum and all digitally scarce cards and champion items are ERC-721 tokens.

Challenge of Champions is a social, blockchain-based, multiplayer gaming experience built on Ethereum. Gain rare tokens through gameplay and trade with others on the marketplace. Challenge of Champions merges the mechanics of a CCG game with the fun, fast-paced action of an RPG. Genesis cards are available now, only 21,000 will ever be minted.

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