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What is Crypto Zoon?
CryptoZoon is inspired by Pokemon Story, our mission is to build a comprehensive platform of digital monsters that will enable millions of individuals to participate in the NFT and blockchain-based gaming world in a simple, creative, and enjoyable way.CryptoZoon will be the first ecosystem to combine the greatest aspects of gaming and digital collectibles, transforming it into the digital creatures universe. With CryptoZoon, Players can use their ZOANs to fight monsters, collect, grow, and join training (battle each other).Cryptocurrencies, notably their valuations and potential to disrupt the banking and
financial system as it is, are gaining popularity as blockchain technology continues to
dominate headlines. Equally is NFT which has garnered attention and caused echoing
waves in recent times.
The regular consumer, on the other hand, has no idea what cryptocurrency/NFT is or why
they matter, let alone how the technology that powers it works.
The video game industry (and also NFT use) has quickly become one of the main drivers
of blockchain adoption among the general public. Many giants of the gaming world have
understood this well and are investing colossal sums in the development of video games
based on the blockchain or features taking advantage of this technology. From now and
years to come, the blockchain and its countless possibilities promise to invade the daily
lives of gamers.
This is why CryptoZoon has found a way to combine the blockchain-based gaming
world and NFT in a next-generation concept and created a digital platform universe of
unique digital creatures.
The future of blockchain video games will first come through Non-Fungible Tokens
(NFTs). Concretely, these tokens are unique, identifiable tokens capable of representing
a virtual asset.
Crypto Zoon will make blockchain technology accessible to the common consumer via
these strategies;
Tokenization of digital creatures.
Play to earn concept.
A friendly, consumer-based concept with a real passion for blockchain technology.
An open platform that welcomes users with varying levels of technical expertise.
A revenue-based paradigm that can be sustained with Zoon value inflation limitation

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