CryptoCats are the first clones of CryptoPunks on the Ethereum blockchain. They launched in late 2017 and openly admire Larva Labs and their punks. In total there have only been 625 cats ever minted.These cats are CCAT tokens, stored on the blockchain. However, this was before the ERC-721 token standard for NFTs.The ownership for each of these cats is stored on Ethereum. Being built on blockchain means that by design, these CryptoCats are inherently resistant to modification of ownership. A digital decentralised certificate of authenticity for your CryptoCat.A Collection of 625 NFTs
Deployed to the Ethereum Mainnet on 12th November 2017, CryptoCats are one of the scarcest NFT collections from that time with only 625 tokens. Launched before the CryptoKitties, it was a time before the ERC721 standard so there are some pretty cute function names in the smart contract.
Each Crypto Cat is unique and most are programmatically generated with different accessories.

Famous Cats
The CryptoCats collection includes some rather famous cats, including the Punk Kitten made by Larva Labs.

Nacho and Yoko cats are based on real world pets from the team, then there's Fat Cat who is always looking like a boss and Scruffy who seems to find the right outfit for any occasion. Plus, there's a few surprise cats that were custom made along the way.

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