A racing car development business game based on NEO blockchain, is the representative of blockchain game 3.0. CRYPTOFAST has over one million combination, such as DIY cool refit, instance, racing, guessing and other systems, realizing the perfect combination of blockchain games and DeFi, and leaving the system to the player to lead and letting the player to operate the system for profit.

CryptoFast is a NEO-based racing game that allows players to create, customize and race cars. Official development on the game began in August 2018, following incubation in March the same year. Intensive development is still underway, and if all goes to plan the team aims to launch a series of game asset pre-sales in May 2019.

CryptoFast is based on LayaBox’s HTML5 LayaAIR engine, which the team has combined with the NEO blockchain to create their own blockchain game engine tool, also called EasyCheers. The use of HTML5 allows the game to be cross-platform, with support for both mobile devices and PCs.

EasyCheers, the team behind CryptoFast, was founded by Junyu Zhou and currently has 18 members. They recently attended and presented at the NEO GameCon in Akihabara, Tokyo, where the Japanese pop group 9nine took the game for a test drive. Demo gameplay may be found in NEO News Today’s recap of the event.

Some team members participated in the development of various Ethereum-based blockchain games including Cryptohero, Ether.Online, and PirateConquest.

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