The innovation brings new ideas, CryptoForSpeed becomes a game changer!

CryptoForSpeed is an NFT-Based P2E Game and redefines the method and revenue of mining

CryptoForSpeed is a cross platform for the racing gameFi. Players can obtain the CFS tokens as reward through various racing models. Innovative game models, It should be noted, we integrate the real world with the virtual world to open the racing metaverse for players.At the same time, we are trying to establish cooperative relations with top automobile companies so that we can manage the abundant and enjoyable features more efficient.

Characteristics of Auto

With exquisite auto models, CryptoForSpeed provide variety Autos in the form of NFT cards. Each auto has unique properties, which include the Hash-Power , that determines the speed and period you can mining. Pay attention to the Hash-Power of the auto and keep matching the energy NFT card for your auto NFT card. Inaugurate a new era in CFS exploration!

There are 100 million pieces in total

15% is used to form LP with BNB from pre-sale

80% is for Mining with playing

5% Team Reserve
*The user who participate in pre-sale will get the LP token(Stake) can be Unstake after 60 days

Contract Adrress


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