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CryptoGangsters is a NFT P2E (Play 2 earn) game that inspired by gangster games like GTA, The Crims, Hitman and Mafia. Your characters (NFT's) will be able to tread several paths to the top of the list of most wanted and influential in GangTown Metaverse.

NFT Items of cryptogangsters
Discover the kings of crime.

Viktor Vasiliev
Viktor, know as the great fist of Moscow, grew up on the streets fighting for survival.

Antonio González
Charismatic and vain, Toño de Guadalajara, the sagacious troubadour, divides his life between his business at the

head of the most powerful Mexican cartel and his passion for the mariachi rhythm.

Giovanni Baroffi
"Sigari, famiglia and pasta", you will surely hear this Italian jargon if you ask for the Baroffis!

Giovanni, the third-generation leader of the Mafia family, controls the Marosso cigar factory, used as a front to mask his family's smuggling and trafficking operations.

Valtinho Tarrara
Born and raised in the communities of Rio de Janeiro, Tinho, as he is known there, began to earn a living as a taxi driver.

Yoko Yamaguchi
Yoko Yamaguchi, a young Japanese woman, a member of the most powerful family of the Yakuzee Mafia.

Aksyon Salung
Aksyon Salung, is the biggest enemy of corrupt police and politicians.

Jacques Mesrine
Born into a French family that rose socially in the town of Clichy, he had the best opportunities.


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