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CryptoGuards is the 3rd project of CryptoCity Metaverse. Fight against the forces of outer space and protect the CryptoCity Metaverse. They are stalking that green energy and we have to be ready to do anything to fight it. ach of the players must be armored with a gun. Depending on your gun's level, the firepower will differ among them.

Crypto Guards is a metaverse addition to CryptoCity. The birthplace of the popular NFT racing game Cryptocars. As a result, Crypto Guards provides intriguing new experiences and game styles with this expansion.

In addition to CryptoCars and CryptoPlanes being illustrated in the image above, CryptoCity currently has CryptoGuards and will still have many features, such as tokens, NFT, modes and developments with more connections. However, if you are not from the world of cryptocurrency investing, being an enthusiast you may be wondering what Metaverse is.

As said before, CryptoCity Metaverse is a parallel world to the real one, which connects people and projects together. Meanwhile, in the CryptoCity ecosystem, players have the right to own valuable supercars, modern fighters and workshops, and combat weapons to participate in immersive games.

In addition to CryptoCars, CryptoPlanes and CryptoGuards NFT, CryptoCity will have many features, modes and developments with more connections in the future.

In that sense, you can explore it using your own computer, mobile, wearable technology or other devices, experiencing 3D graphics and sound along the way in your own home.

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