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The augmented reality game Cryptolandy. It is free for anyone who wants to participate in tournaments for real prizes in the crypto currency. Anyone can enter the game, train and equip his avatar so well to win in tournaments with big prizes for the participants.

The augmented reality game Cryptolandy.
It is free for anyone who wants to participate in treasure hunt for real prizes in the cryptocurrency.
Anyone can enter the game, train and equip his avatar so well to win in battle for cryptotreasures.

The prize in the game is CRYPL 
Anyone can become a knight keeper of CRYPTOLANDY by adding to the pool CRYPL tokens.
For the first 100000 CRYPL tokens staking in pool during the first year, 1000 CRYPL will be paid monthly.
You can buy or sell CRYPL

Pool with 1000 CRYPL reward in month

All funds collected by the micro payments game are paid as prize in the form of CRYPL tokens, which allow their owners not only to receive 49% of the funds collected by the game as a reward for governance, but also manage the game’s reserve fund by sending it to various projects.

Projects are submitted for discussion and subsequent voting. The justice of the vote is monitored by  knights keepers of the game. Each of them is given its own signature and its own, Cryptolandy blockchain node that will perform the functions of controlling the game. Knights are selected from the owners of the largest number of CRYPL tokens.

With an increase in the collection of micropayments in the game, the amount of reward on CRYPL tokens will also increase. The attractiveness of tokens for investors will also increase the value of governance tokens CRYPL of the game on the exchange.
At least 10% of the game’s reserve fund will be directed to such necessary things as saving forests and animals, garbage collection, and affairs necessary for the survival of mankind.

Thanks to augmented reality and prizes in the form of CRYPL tokens, players will be able to plant virtual trees in parks where possible, and then plant real ones. Clean up landfills and improve wildlife habitats.

The game of augmented reality is needed to attract people's attention to what is happening with our planet.

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