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Cryptoman is a Html5 multiplayer Browsergame. The game concept is based on the classic bomberman game. Cryptoman is connected with a tron smart contract, enables playing with stakes (trx) and earning shares of other players while beeing one of the best 100 players.

What do you need to get started? Install tronlink on chrome browser. Charge your wallet with a few trx. If you are new to crypto: message me and i'll send you enough to try it out.

hello crypto-game fans tronman, biggest blockchain blast has officially launched on tron network. check it out:

Added #Rsk network to the game. Play with #rBtc (1rBtc = 1 Btc) and #doc (1 doc = 1$) on #cryptoman

We are glad to announce #cryptoman is listed on @gamecredits
, a platform which allowes gamers to stake their credits for rewards. Stay tuned for more news.

At cryptoman, we find it utterly important to reward loyal players. That's why we implemented the new daily bonus! Whoever plays at least 15 minutes a day can be pleased to receive up to 3 free lives and 10 score points!

Cryptoman v2 is out! More info on telegram and discord. 60 Trx welcome bonus.

enjoy the best game that evr had ..


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