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CryptoMine Space X is an NFT SciFi game to enjoy playing and generating money in the process. Designed for investors and video game users. Cryptomines Space X aims to be the best blockchain game while allowing its users to enjoy the thrill of the skill game and win $ Viltrumita. Multichain compatible with web3.

In CryptoMine Space X Mining planets  How to mine planets You must hire a crew to travel to the planets. The rarity of your workers and your ship determines your power and the time of the mine, which in turn defines which planets you can go to.

For example, if you have two workers with 100 MP each and a ship with 100 MP, you can go to a Lv3 planet with 300 MP. Workers will be able to collect resources once depending on the planet on which they want to collect Viltrumita, since each planet will have its travel time but the more stars its ship and its workers have, the shorter the expedition time. Suppose I go to planet Lv3 with 300 Mp and the expedition lasts 5 days. Until the time is up, you will not be able to get the rewards, but you should keep in mind that you can increase the final rewards by playing the Minigame 1 time a day, for the duration of the expedition. Ex: 5-day expedition with a reward of 200 Viltrumita. Playing the game You can get additional Viltrumite depending on your skill, an expert player could increase the reward from 200 Viltrumite to 500 Viltrumite. Rewards The rewards given to players for resources mined on planets will scale relative to the player's skill, and the expedition time will decrease based on the stars on the ship. A system of 3 different oracles has been implemented to maintain value, that is, when entering the game, it is done by acquiring Viltrumita to buy workers, boats, and pay fuel, contracts and gas for it. Early withdrawal fee There is a 22% early withdrawal fee when claiming your rewards in $ Viltrumita, this fee will be reduced by 5% every 24 hours from the start of your first expedition.

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