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CryptoMon is a multiplayer game in which the players simultaneously hunt for cute monsters by touching the screen. The value of the monsters goes up as the bullets hitting them are accumulated. The player who successfully catches the monster garners all of its accumulated value. The obtained monster may be used to repurchase bullets or may be exchanged into cryptocurrency through trading and selling. Moreover, the chances of a boss monster appearing in sight increase as bullets further accumulate. Although boss monsters have higher values and are more difficult to catch compared to ordinary monsters, aim for the jackpot by gaining success in hunting them.

Introducing the Cryptomon
Swoop in and scoop up some Cryptomon. We plan to create an app to travel around your city or the world and collect Cryptomon to use to battle/wager with CMON/BNB.

There is a 5% fee every transaction that gets distributed out to all holders.
You can use $CMON to participate in give aways and use the token in wager matches.
Our team

We plan to be extremely transparent with everyone. If there is any questions feel free to email us.
We plan to change the way NFT’s are used & plan to reward all holders.

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