CryptoNinja is a strategic game based on IOST blockchain. Ninjas and Castles are created by blockchain technologies so that they will never be illegally deleted nor stolen! Isn’t it wonderful? There are mainly two actions you do in CryptoNinja: One is Attack and the other is Guard!

CryptoNinja is a game where you are your own ninja and invade the castle where another user's trap is set, and capture the treasure called Ever Gold (EG).

In addition to invading the castle with a ninja, you can also obtain EG by setting a trap in the castle and repelling the ninja of other users who have invaded.

Ninjas and castles are data using blockchain technology and cannot be illegally erased or stolen by anyone.

How to play -

First of all, you need to register with iWallet.

If you haven't done so yet, please install it.

Open CryptoNinja while logged in to iWallet.

-Enter your username and sign up to CryptoNinja.

Please register as a user by pressing the sign-up button on the top menu bar.

Registration takes time, so please do not operate after SUBMIT once, wait a while, and then open the page again.

・ Purchase EG from the left menu bar, EG Shop.

-Purchase Ninjas, Castles, and Traps from the Shop with the purchased EG.

(* If you don't buy Ninja, you can't play with Attack, and if you don't buy castle and trap, you can't play with Guard.)

* Purchase EG. Press the [BUY] button to open the iWallet, and press [SUBMIT] to confirm the purchase.


Contract Adrress


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