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CryptoPlanes is an expansion of the CryptoCity metaverse. The place where the famous NFT racing game CryptoCars was founded.

With this expansion, CryptoPlanes brings new experiences, beautiful NFT Planes, and exciting game modes.

is a plane-themed play-to-earn game on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), founded by the same developers that brought you CryptoCars. Expanding on various styles of game play from its predecessor game, CryptoPlanes brings new plane-themed experiences and game modes such as player-versus-computer, player-versus-player, and planes-versus-cars battles. The game largely follows the same dynamic, where players can earn experience points and CPAN, which they can invest in new equipment, new planes, or cash out for real currency. Like in CryptoCars, all planes in CryptoPlanes are NFTs and unique valuable assets on the blockchain.

Who Are the Founders of CryptoPlanes?
It was developed by the same team that was behind CryptoCars: a Vietnamese group of developers headed by Ly Tran (CEO) and An Nguyen (CTO). Mr.Tran, a computer science graduate from the Ho Chi Minh Bach Khoa University, worked as a full-stack web developer and mobile app developer before launching the two games. Mr. Nguyen is a fellow computer science graduate with mobile app development experience in iOS, Android, and BlackBerry.

The team envisions CryptoPlanes to be the first of several expansions to CryptoCars, eventually merging into a CryptoCity.

What Makes CryptoPlanes Unique?

CryptoPlanes adopts and adapts the working formula from its predecessor and offers players several gameplay modes where they can earn while playing.

Training is a simple mode where players can train their planes for battles by increasing their strength, level, and required parameters.

In the PvC mode, you will need to use your skills to control the plane fighting with other spaceships in outer space. The goal is to win a certain number of points that can be exchanged for CPAN.

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