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CryptoPlants Club will be using $CPC as its governance token and a secondary coin for rewarding players that is tied to a stable coin like USDT.

In CryptoPlants Club There will be a 60% withdrawal fee (having 4% less each day until the 15th day), you will be able to withdraw tax-free after the 15th day. In conjunction with this, you will be able to withdraw twice a month without penalties, the third time will incur a penalty in the form of a withdrawal lock for a month (30 calendar days).

It is our team's belief that a combination of these features are what makes the game an innovator in the NFT gaming space.

As part of our burning mechanism you have to be aware of Crows and Locusts. Crows pause plant production while Locusts decrease harvest at the end of cycle. You need to take care of them to ensure a profitable yield.

Be The Best Gardener In CryptoPlants

"CryptoPlants wants to take the initial idea of having plants that needs to be taken care of without linking the players to a boring world tree or exagerated rewards, we are a simple game with simple tasks that will be great."

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