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CryptoShips is a Non-Fungible Token (NFT)-based online game that rewards players with actual money as they play. To get on board, you'll have to sign up for a digital wallet such as MetaMask and open boxes for unique NFT ships which based on famous ships accross the world.Get reward token from racing and trading against each other.

Each Ships has 4 stats points:
As a player in CryptoShips your mission is to win the fighting (Training, PvC, PvP, Ships battle ) to get Exp and earn token. When you gain enough experience points, you can to upgrade your ship level.

Training -
Training: where you take the ships to train in battles to increase the strength, level...

PvC -
PvC Mode: The Mode that players need to use personal skills to control the fighter to fight with ships, to win a certain number of points. And those points will be exchanged for each level that the player will receive in-game $CSHIP.


Participating players use fighter ships to join the fight with 2, 4, 6, 8 other players to win and will receive accompanying rewards.
The rewards for winners:
Experience points.

Upgrade Ships-
Ship Upgrade: where your ship is upgraded and modified to increase speed, power and important stats needed to participate in PvC, PvP, etc.
Body upgrade: increase ships durability
Weapon upgrade: increase strength and combat power

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