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What is CryptoSpells?
"CryptoSpells" is a web game in Japan, using block chain technology. By recording the card issued by ERC 721 on the block chain, the ownership of the user is proved. Users can freely buy and sell cards through the marketplace.

Card game with limited number of cards
There are 4 levels of rarity in the game, and the maximum amount of issued cards are limited accordingly.

The owner's information, transaction history, number of the card that have been issued are recorded on ethereum. Therefore, it is easy to recognize special cards like "Only ○ of them in the world" or "a tournament winning card".

Card as an asset / free trading
Digital assets in Cryptospells belong to its users. Even if our service ended, your cards would remain in your wallet.

CryptoSpells is "Digital Trading" card game. Using the third party service such as OpenSea, you can freely trade What you own in the game outside.

The right to issue original cards
Take advantage of the "issuing right of a card" you can earn inside the game, create new and original cards for yourself。 50% of the card transaction fee will be awarded to the issuer of the original card.

You can also trade the "issuing right of a card" itself as it is NFT.

Play your card outside CryptoSpells
You can take the game item outside, and play it in the completely different game.

Currelty, we have 6 compatible assets which can be played in both “MyCryptoHeroes” and cryptospells.

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