CryptoWar is a Play to Earn NFT RPG in which players participate in the process of acquiring legendary Blades and powerful Heroes to wield them through the marketplace. Being forked and improved by on the Binance Smart Chain platform, CryptoWar enables the players to be engaged in battles to earn xBlade tokens by using their assets minted in the ERC-721 standard to facilitate transactions on the proprietary marketplace

With other DeFi products, CryptoWar will definitely be a dreamland for gamers and blockchain adopters.

The peer-to-peer marketplace for BSC-based NFTs collectibles and in-game items

Besides creating a game accommodating the playability’s facet and element mechanics in order to satisfy the needs of gamers, our ambition is to nurture sustainable economy as well as build a strong ecosystem of XBN to catch the latest trend of NFT play-to-earn market and eventually evolve into metaverse-gaming world.

The following are examples of current options for players to play the game:

Participating in combat through the use of character and weapon NFTs for xBlade.
Minting characters and weapons and selling them for xBlade on the marketplace.
Trading NFTs with other players for BEP-20 tokens.
Exchanging xBlade on a DEX for currency that can be traded on an exchange such as Binance.

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