Cryptower Online multiplayer game is built on the basis of smart-contract on the Ethereum network and is a simplified simulator of crowd behavior. The main purpose of the game is to build and destroy blocks in the tower making a profit from operations similar to stock exchange, but excluding factors such as price manipulation, collusion, news factors, macroeconomic events and other external factors affecting price fluctuations. Cryptower is based on the mathematical model which is extremely simple and was developed by the creators of the game. Its main advantage is self-financing, in other words — it eliminates the possibility of developers participating in financing operations in the game and completely excludes scenarios in which there could be a lack of funds for payments to players.

Cryptower (CT) is a self-financed multiplayer browser game played by many in the real time, using different strategies to succeed. New players can enter the game at any time, and existing players can stop participating in the game at any time. There is some resemblance in behavior and goals of players in this game with activity of traders in the stock market, so we will use some stock market terminology. But you don’t need to be the stock market savvy, may be, even true the opposite, to understand and play the game.

The Cryptower “crypto” part of the game name reflects the way how it is implemented (as a crypto block-chain), and word towers appeared in the name as visualization of poker table with towers of tokens/chips, or vertical bar on chart price/time. You can also visualize tower just as a basket with some distinct objects, let’s say, balls inside it.

In CT game players collectively build and destroy towers from blocks. Each tower T is simply a collection of blocks. The number of blocks, denoted as |T|, in the tower T at any moment of time defines the tower’s height. Because each block in the tower has the same monetary value α, we can say, that height also defines value or “price” of the tower. Different towers could be built from blocks of different monetary value. There are also tower’s banks to collect money associated with each tower.

α - monetary value of each block in the tower.
How to play. Rules.
A player can make a move, which we call an actions, at any moment of time. There are only two kinds of elementary actions, namely, the first is adding one block, and the second is removing one block. Players make these actions by placing corresponding orders. To play in CT game all players need to have some amount of money, which they keep in their wallets. To keep records every player has a portfolio, that contains list of numbers of blocks in each tower, belonging to the player.

When a player adds one block to tower T(α) of height h the following events happen: height of the tower increases by one, system subtracts from player’s wallet amount of money α(h+1) and adds this number to the bank. System also makes record in player’s portfolio, adding one block of tower T to the number of blocks he has in that tower. When a player removes one block from a tower of height h, height of the tower decreases by one, amount αh is subtracted from the bank and added to the wallet. System also makes record in players portfolio: subtracting 1 block from the number of blocks that the player has in tower Tα.

It is also allowed to add or remove several blocks to the same tower in one compound transaction. In this case blocks are added/removed to the tower by a sequence of elementary transactions, which are performed one by one without interruptions, in the same manner, as if they are added/removed by different players. This leads to the cumulative effect in payments, which is reflected in the following formulas. When buying s number of blocks of tower Tα of the height h the payment to the bank is equal to

payment = α(sh + s(s + 1) / 2).


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