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What is Cyber Arena?
CYBER ARENA is a PVP Battle Card Game with game-play inspired from Hearthstone and Magic the Gathering - but with some unique twists. Players build their deck of game cards (NFTs) from characters in the AnRKey X universe and battle against other users.

All games across the AnRKey X ecosystem are interconnected with stories and game-play. Whatever team you are part of in Battle Wave 23232—step into the Cyber Arena for one-on-one battling against opponents to achieve victory in the arena, which also strengthens your team in Battle Wave 2323 .

Level up and earn your bragging rights on our daily and weekly leader-board. Win the one-on-one battle, and get rewarded - win the larger daily and weekly leader-board battle, and your rewards grow exponentially. Those at the top of the leader-board win a bonus power boost in Battle Wave 2323!

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