Dark Forest is a mini game based on Ethereum. In a darkforest, there are many hungry beasts lurking. You are one of them. You must be careful, because there are stalking hunters like you in the forest. If you find another, there is only one thing you can do: kill him. Otherwise, you may be attacked or even destroyed by other beasts. In this dark forest, others are threats, and anyone who exposes their existence will soon be wiped out. Meanwhile, everyone wants to discover the traces of others as much as possible and attack and plunder others. This Cyber universe is such a dark forest. As a civilization in this cyber universe, you need to discover other civilizations as much as possible, monitor their value growth, attack them at the appropriate time, and plunder their value. Meanwhile, you have to hide yourself and prevent others from treating you in the same way.

Dark Forest is one of the first decentralized “incomplete-information” game.

An example of complete information games is CryptoKitties. Here, players know the full state of the game universe, who owns what kitty, the traits of the kitties.

Incomplete information games have hidden attributes. The full state of the universe is not disclosed and the players have to grind it out. Dark Forest can maintain a similar structure, keeping the planet locations secret and still stay decentralized. Players don’t submit the coordinates of planets conquered. Also, inspecting the Dark Forest hashes will expose nothing about where other players actually are.

Starting with Dark Forest

Dark Forest is one of the most hyped games currently. It is in v 0.5 and still invite-only. The initial test phases were on Ropsten Network. There were more reboots and fixes. Now the game has moved to xDai Layer 2. People can get an invite key by subscribing to the mailing list at There are occasional airdrops on Twitter.

Once you have received the keys, Log in to the Dark Forest website.

Use the Import Private Key option and enter your key. The system will whitelist you and give you your xDai address. Note that you do not need to use keys multiple times. The burner wallet will store your address details in the browser and help you log in with the same. Dark Forest will also give you fractional xDai ($0.05), enough to get acquainted with the game.

Once you are in the system will show your home planet (Note: Finding a Home Planet may take a little time, up to few minutes). Before we go further, here are some basics.

Any planet you own will be outlined in white. In the very beginning, only your home planet will be outlined white. You have to conquer the others to bring them under your command. Along with your Home Planet, you will get an explorer. The explorer opens up the Map for you to find newer planets.

Contract Adrress


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