Darkwinds is an on-line trading card game that runs on top of the Ethereum network. More specifically, all Darkwinds cards are non-fungible tokens or cryptocollectibles, a new standard for virtual objects where players have perpetual rights to sell, trade and give away their items, both within and outside of the game's ecosystem. This is possible thanks to the same technology that makes cryptocurrency possible, as Darkwinds cards exist on the same Blockchain used by all Ethereum tokens.

dark winds , the trading card game powered by Ethereum , in the world of Darkwinds, a powerful cyclone destroyed half of of humanity and all continents broke into scattered islands in a single big sea. Pirates, Bucaneers, Sea Monsters and mysterious voodoo spirits rule the world.

In battles inspired by way of traditional trading card video games, however this time with cryptocollectibles, gamers combat for their vicinity on the leaderboard calculated using the Glicko rating machine.

And due to the fact that all cards are Ethereum tokens, Darkwinds gamers are unfastened to exchange, promote or deliver away their cards which might be generated through purchasing “Booster Packs”, a smart agreement characteristic that generates 10, 25 or 50 pseudo-random cards.

the sport is being evolved through MEGO, the identical group liable for the BitQuest minecraft mod and Hammercoin

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