Welcome to Deathroad, the first metaverse racing game on BSC, a comprehensive gaming ecosystem built for next generation racers.

DeathRoad is a miniature city oriented to build towards a Metaverse. This is a paradise for players to freely create and build city according to their own ideas, a place that can provide all the features that players need such as Property, Rental car, Garage, etc. In addition, in the city of Deathroad, players can also join other play areas to earn profits such as "Battle mode" - where players can use the unique feature - "Race to Earn" to earn more profit; or "Marketplace", where they can trade with other players.

DeathRoad’s long term plan is to become a metaverse with a collection of arcade style shooting games where users/players can use NFTs — we already have cars, guns and rockets — and racing skills to play in either PvE or PvP mode, and players can earn valuable/tradeable digital assets

imagine a city where you can use your NFTs to play in all those different gameplays and earn different tokens. We already have DRACE and xDRACE as earnable assets. The upcoming updates will have more assets for players to earn

this means, in this city, you can use your car/weapon NFTs to switch from one game to another game: for example, switch from the current DeathRoad to the upcoming one DeathSky, and in each game you can earn different tradeable assets

this, however, also should include the DAO aspects that we might push some more DeFi applications so users can earn from the DAO too (other than the IDO/private sale from other projects)

that’s pretty much a short description for long term of DeathRoad.

In particular, the tokens earned from the “Race to Earn” activity can help players own more new racing cars. Only players with more than 5 cars can unlock all the utilities and features in the game.

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