What is Defend Zerus?
Defend Zerus is an NFTGame with a PVP combat system, which based on BSC. Defend Zerus has a PVP combat system, with a well-designed occupation as the core, participating in various battles, upgrades, collections and transactions. There are three main professions in Defend Zerus: Pugilist, Mage, and Mechanic.

The invaders carried loot such as the Dark Elements and Fire Elements. Two elements, if combined at a certain ratio, trigger the awakening process. The Strength Elements is also a loot that can be found upon slaying the invaders, and it allows for a rapid recovery of one’s breath, as to speak. The current method of awakening only allows for three professions: bruisers, mages, and mechanics. With more time, however, the people of Zerus believe that more professions will be discovered.

「Professions Awakening」Event Ⅱ:

「Professions Awakening」Event Ⅲ:
The bruiser is known for raw power, and is one of the strongest professions melee wise, which in turn allows them to harvest with ease the power of the dark forest in the form of Strength Elements.

Mages have an innate connection with the Dark Elements, allowing them to swiftly gather the Dark Elements.

Mechanics, as the core of the group, play the critical role of gathering the Fire Elements, which also play an important part in other professions’ upgrades.

「Professions Awakening」Event Ⅳ:

「Professions Awakening」Event Ⅴ:
Currently, the planet Zerus is full of various combat groups hunting creatures from the otherworld. It’s time to form your adventure squad, collect elemental resources, and fight for Zerus.

Adventure cooldown is 4 hours once.

The initial is 2400 with full energy, the default is 1200, the hero cannot be removed when the stamina is not satisfied.

1 strength element = 5 energy

The maximum number of heroes in the personal adventure team is 12, and there is no limit to occupation.

「Professions Awakening」Event Ⅵ:

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