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DefiPanzer is blockchain based ultimate strategic shooter game master the art of armored warfare build on Binance Smart chain, that focuses on gamification and promotes the play-to-earn concept.


We are NFT based massively multiplayer tank battle game with focus on Play 2 Earn.
Our game is a PVE & PVP NFT base tank battle game where players can play to earn. Players can throw themselves into tank battle with other tanks and collect NFTs in an ecosystem underpinned by state of the art blockchain technologies.


Game Battles
Defi Panzer is a PvP and PvE game that brings unlimited rewards and a play2earn mechanism.

Our endgame is the creation of a multi-blockchain Medieval Metaverse without boundaries.

Game as a Trading
The focus of the Defi Panzer is to enhance the play2earn model where anybody buy/sell NFT or earn by playing game.

NFT Marketplace
DefiPanzer Marketplace is an platform where users can buy or sell non-fungible pieces and earn DEP by trading.

Endless customization
Customize you tanks with heavy armory and better ammunition to unlock abilities and become most powerful Panzer

Craft NFT
Craft powerful tanks and weapon NFTs to defeat your enemies, or trade them on our proprietary marketplace.

A gaming ecosystem with deflationary mechanisms that integrates staking with game play.

Play to Earn
Defi Panzer is Play-to-earn NFT game give users the chance to generate an income stream through playing.

Defi Panzer game brings action adventure entertainment to the masses with its epic and exciting gameplay with its Free to Play and Play to Earn game features.

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