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What is DefiTemple?
Minimum Deposit - 0.01 BNB Daily Rewards - 8% Recap

This is the core foundation of which the Temple is built around. This is where you come to expand your powers. This particular pillar of the Defi Temple is built upon the Binance Smart Chain. Once you've entered, take a seat and you shall deposit BNB and begin your meditation, and becoming free of the world as we know it, physically and financially.  Here at the Monastery, there are a few key points to go over before you may truly begin your journey as a Monk of the Defi Temple. For this DApp is nothing like any other "miner" you've seen before. Let's begin.

Once deposited, you have began your meditation. While meditation commence, you will acquire Zen. Zen is a powerful energy that can be used for both good and evil.

Each day you, Monk, have a choice. A test of your mental fortitude. A true Monk will stay in their meditative state for eternity. But we know this type of tenacity takes time to learn. And Earn..

You have the choice to continue your meditation, empowering your state with more Zen (Compounding) or, you may choose to retain your Zen to accompany you in your travels, and leave the Monastery (Claim) though you are still here in Spirit, once you begin your first meditation, you're a part of the Defi Temple forever (Deposits cannot be withdrawn, and will always produce returns)

Minimum Deposit - 0.01 BNB
Daily Return - 8%
Enter Temple - Deposit
Meditate - Compound
Rest - Take Profit

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