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Delight is a strategic web game that you train armies from your buildings and attack enemy bases. Defeat your enemies, take their resources and earn cryptocurrency. Delight是一款策略型网页游戏,可以在战场上打造建筑物,训练士兵并攻击敌人,击败敌人后掠夺其资源来赚取加密货币。

the Delight  community will be politically centralized, because the DPlay company is its only member. However, as the size of the community grows, the more decision makings will be done by the community. The community will comment on the direction of the platform, and whether an agenda is passed or not will solely be decided by the members.

In addition, since DPlay follows the Reliable Microservice Architecture, it can be extended indefinitely without modifying existing code. Future development of add-ons for DPlay will be developed by a decentralized development organization. Since building a decentralized development organization still needs a lot of research, we will cooperate with other teams that try to build such an organization.

If all decision-making and development processes are decentralized, we will shut down the DPlay Company return as a game developer. We will just be one of the many members of the DPlay community and will participate in decision making by voting, like any other participants.

In addition, DPlay Coin, the cryptocurrency used in DPlay, is initially owned by its issuer, DPlay Company. DPlay Coin is one of the important systems that makes up the token economy and is money by itself.


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