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Diamond Chest is an adventure-based NFT game, where you can explore mines with your different workers, discover chests, collect treasures and trade them for $DICH (Diamond Chest Token).

Tokenomics Game Rewards 40.000.000 - 40% Pre-sale 20.000.000 - 20% Ecosystem 10.000.000 - 10% Marketing 5.000.000 - 5% Team 15.000.000 - 15% Reservation 10.000.000 - 10% Total 100.000.000 - 100%

Extract, mine and trade your treasures on the DC Market and get $DICH

DiamondChest is a unique game based on adventures and recollection of treasures and minerals. Take the step to collect chests and open them to obtain treasures that you can save to preserve their value or trade them on the DC Market now or later (DiamondChest Market) #NFT

Diamond Chest
Welcome to Diamond Chest, where a legendary story turned into history! Mine, extract, trade and earn throught the mountains of Diamond Chest.
Throughout the history of humankind, there have been amazing technologies that have overcome one and other, every time becoming better and better. This led to many resources spent on the bast experiments, constructions and development of societies around the world. And then, at some point, resources were empty; all the oil and minerals were gone, and therefore mankind raise its head and looked up to the sky, through the universe, and beyond.
In the year 2115, humans went to space to look for more resources. A look-a-like planet was found, similar to the earth... so similar, that actual treasures from long civilisations were found there. And so, the adventure began. Three miners were sent to this planet, humanoid androids created especially for mining and seeking the mysteries of this forgotten planet. What could have happened? Where are all the people that used to live there? Why are all the minerals and chests just lying everywhere on the planet? What secrets lay on this just recently discovered place? Information about this planet can be found everywhere, and the miners were sent not only to mine but also to retrieve information about this place. Diamond miner, Ruby miner, and Emerald miner were created as a special function team, where the three of them are able to find info and extract as much as possible from this tremendous planet that waited so long to be discovered.
Diamond miner, natural leader humanoid, is in charge of the main extractions of minerals in the mines that were created in this planet. His objective is to obtain info as fast as possible and send it back to earth.
Ruby miner was set to extract fast by putting bombs and tending to be chaotic, which can lead to finding treasures and information randomly and just as good as the Diamond miner, but most of the time it will not be as much as fast as the Diamond Miner. Diamond miners work as engineers and work as the brain of the operations, while ruby miners are the muscle of the whole extraction.
Emerald miner is the common miner sent to do the monotonous extraction that probably others might not do. It endures and extracts for a longer period of time, making the mines owners able to take a break and focus on other adventures that are thrown on this planet. Will you be able to find the most precious treasures on this planet and solve the many mysteries that lay ahead on this far away and universal base? Will you be able to establish your mines in secure places far away from the dangers of this planet? And if you are able to succeed, can you build the interplanetary empire and extract resources in order to grow and establish? Come and join us in the extraction and mining of planet DICH, where treasures, mysteries, and a wonderful story awaits you!

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